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Latest news.

New Magne album in May!
Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

The album "A dot of black in the blue of your bliss" will be released in the UK on May 19 through Genepool Records, and will contain nine tracks.


New art site from Magne
Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

The brand new site was launched by Magne Furuholmen. Now we can get information and examples of his art works, and know about his exhibitions.

Site address:

Magne book and cds are available
Thursday, February 10th, 2005

There is some interesting Magne stuff available at
UK edition of "Past Perfect Future Tense" album;
"Kryptonite" single;
"Payne's Gray" book including paintings, a kind of personal diary, extended notebook from the CD making process, and exhibition catalogue, and photographs of "Past Perfect Future Tense" recording sessions.

Magne F is ready for UK!
Friday, January 28th, 2005

Magne Furuholmen is coming to the UK market - most sophisticated and most important one. He is going to:
- release new single "Kryptonite" from his last album
- sing at London "Cobden Club" on February 16th
See details at

Song for tsunami victims
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Magne Furuholmen collaborate with Cat Stevens, AR Rahman and Neil Primrose on the new record.


Mr Islam - formerly Cat Stevens - has composed a new song entitled, "Indian Ocean", in response to the disaster which he recorded recently in collaboration with fellow musicians including AR Rahman, the prolific Indian composer/producer, Magne Furuholmen of A-Ha fame, and Travis drummer Neil Primrose. The single will be released next month to raise money for children orphaned by the earthquake.

"Like everyone else, I was so shaken by the enormity of this human tragedy, and the song just came without effort. It is my contribution towards helping to rebuild the broken spirits of the victims of the disaster," said Mr Islam.
Source: press-release

Furuholmen in action!
Friday, September 24th, 2004

Magne Furuholmen have started huge promo-campaign. He have opened his art exhibition "Payne's Gray" in London in the Paul Stolper gallery. Along with his artworks he'll perform his new songs from the last album "Past Perfect Future Tense".

Gallery details:

Paul Stolper
78 Luke Street
London, EC2A 4PY
Tel:  +44 (0) 20 7739 6504
Gallery Opening Hours are from Wednesday to Saturday 11am - 6pm
Yesterday Magne did concert at "NottingHillArtsClub" and got good critics' reviews.
Mags' album tracklist
Tuesday, September 7th, 2004

Album coverThe newest album "Past Perfect Future Tense" by Magne Furuholmen contains the following songs:

1. Obsolete  
2. All the time  
3. Past perfect future tense  
4. No one gets me but you  
5. Kryptonyte  
6. Nothing here to hold you  
7. A friend like me  
8. Little angels  
9. 2CU shine  
10. You don't have to change  
11. Envelop me  
12. Never sweeter 
New single from Magne
Sunday, August 29th, 2004

Magne Furuholmen - an artist, sculptor, a-ha keyboardist and co-writer - releases his own solo album in September. The first single from this album is called "Past Perfect Future Tense".

New album from Magne in September
Thursday, May 6th, 2004

Magne Furuholmen will release his solo album already in September. This CD will be released by Universal Music Norway according to deal with Magne's own record label "Passion Fruit". See more news on this album soon.

Magne as the main fruit of passion
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

Magne Furuholmen decided to start his own record label "Passion Fruit". He says he will only be working with dedicated people, who are fruits of passion.
Magne plans to release his own solo album on this label later this year. It will be produced by with Martin Terefe and himself.

New album from Magne Furuholmen
Monday, March 22nd, 2004

Magne Furuholmen was chosen to open the Carnegie Art Award 2004 in Oslo, and at the opening at Kunstnernes Hus tonight, Tuesday March 17, he performed three new songs.
The songs he performed will be on his forthcoming solo album this autumn. Most of the album is already recorded, with Martin Terefe and Magne as producers. The album has been recorded in London, Nashville and Oslo.
"The new songs are based on a personal expression," Magne says. "When I first started working with them, I didnt think about it as a solo project, but they just developed that way. When you work just by yourself, the expression becomes more personal and more vulnerable."

Magne Furuholmen - a glass extreme!
Friday, May 23rd, 2003

Magne FuruholmenMags has exhibitions in Copenhagen and in Oslo simultaneously. Both are exhibitions of his glass work; he has created huge jars and paintings in glass. The Norwegian paper Dagbladet interviewed Magne in Copenhagen about the exhibitions.
"This is extreme sport," Mags says to Dagbladet; he is talking about what a nerve-wracking experience it is to work with glass. "Glass is an extremely fragile material," he says. This is one of the things that attracted him to work with it. Mags primary interest was to find out how large you could make jars in glass. "This is the first time they have blown glass containers in this size," he tells Dagbladet. "Its on the edge of what is technically possible. When I work with a new material, Im curious on how far I can stretch the limits. Its a curse I have," he smiles.
The exhibition at the Museum of Modern Glass Art in Copenhagen opened on Wednesday, May 21, and the next day Magne went back to Norway to work on his exhibition at Hadeland Glassverk, which opened on Thursday, May 22.

Some of his work will also be displayed in Petrozavodsk (15/05/03 - 12/06/03) and St. Petersburg (18/09/03 - 11/10/03) in connection with the exhibition "Reflections in a New Nordic Light".

"This has been a year off from music," Mags says. But he doesnt want to talk about a-ha now. "I do work with music parallel to art. But I work with so many different expressions that I prefer not to mix it."
[ source:, photo by Lars Gundersen ]

Magne Furuholmen is soloist!
Sunday, July 22nd, 2001

Magne makes his solo debut as a solo singer in the music score for the latest Norwegian movie. He'll perform the main theme for the movie "DragonFly".



In March 2007 Magne Furuholmen exhibited some of his new artwork at Trafo Gallery Asker, Norway under the title "Monologues". The same exhibition was also held at the Paul Stolper Gallery in London.

In August Magne performed six songs at Punkt Festival (Kristiansand, Norway), including 2 songs ("Running Out Of Reasons" and "A Dot Of Blackness") from his forthcoming solo album.

In December, at the Nobel Peace Prize Awards, Magne introduced his aluminum sculpture "Climax".

Magne Furuholmen took part in recording "Indian Ocean" single. The money of its sales was to raise funds for children affected by the tsunami catastrophe in South-Eastern Asia.

Magnes album "Past Perfect Future Tense" was released in the UK.

Magne Furuholmen released his first solo album "Past Perfect Future Tense" on his own label Passion Fruit. Magne perfomed some songs from that album at his exhibitions "Paynes Gray" openings in Oslo, London and Edinburgh.

The 100th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize is commemorated by a special art exhibition at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. Each year, the winner(s) of the peace prize receives a collection of Norwegian art and that will be one of the attractions at the exhibition. Magne Furuholmen is one of the artists represented in the collection, together with - among others - Jacob Weidemann, Marianne Heske and Inger Sitter.

Magne gave his first exhibition in Denmark in December. The focus of this exhibition, named Resonans was on two very different materials: glass and clay. The resonance between these materials is that they are brought to life through fire.
Much of the work presented at the "Resonans" is also captured in a Danish book, titled "Ler krukker og glas billeder" ('Ceramic jars and glass paintings'). It tells of the background story of these works, how they came into existence. The book holds many pictures.

Magne Furuholmen made his debut as a solo singer in a new Norwegian movie "DragonFly". Also, he opened his pictures exhibition.

Timbersound has released their new soundtrack called "Hermetic" for Norwegian movie "1732 Hotten".

Timbersound has released their second soundtrack "Hotel Oslo" for Norwegian movie.

Mags has released an album of woodcuts "Kutt".

Mags painted and sculpted many projects and held quite a few exhibitions in prestigious museums across Norway.

Magne completed an instrumental album for a Norwegian movie "Ten Knives In The Heart" (Ti Kniver I Hjertet) along with his Norwegian friend Kjetil Bjerkestrand as Timbersound.

Magne exhibited his own-painted pictures in the gallery Sølvberget in Norwegian town Stavanger. He got very good reviews from the critics.








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