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BABEL FISH - Babel Fish

"Babel Fish" is the first album of the Norwegian band, which could conquer half of Europe and Scandinavian in very short time. The secret of it is simple - missing the romantic of 80th, people seen in "Babel Fish" the repetition of A-ha and not only in the music but on words and images too. "Babel Fish" cleared the dusty path of A-ha' music way and declared aloud the everything has its continue - "Fra Lippo Lippi" (end of 80th), A-ha (80th - 90th) and now - "Babel Fish".

Even titles of the songs remind about the predecessors: Hurry Home (A-ha) = Close to home (Babel Fish), Out of blue comes green (A-ha) = Out of the blue (BF), The living daylights (A-ha) = Light of day (BF). But for girl's missing hearts doesn't matter it! The novices in the moment became loved. In spite of intentional - unintentional similarity the album is really fresh, nice and easy to listen. And even most zealous A-ha fans could give their hearts to this band from the country of Vikings.

Particularly impresses the first song "Mania" that gives the rhythm to the rest album. It doubtlessly is hit! "Half hearted" and "I can wait" continue with the basic theme - the theme of love. Therefore it's hardly that "Babel Fish" will have any furious opponents because they choose eternal theme. There is only one problem: the news about A-ha's return, their new album and tour 2000. The time will show how the pedestal is shared. Bad times for fans: the faithfulness to old ideals or the youth?

I've [Alexei Varlamov] contacted Babel Fishes some time ago with one question:

Have you been influenced by a-ha music?

And got the answer:
Yes, we're a bit inspired by a-ha's music, but I think we're more inspired by a-ha' story of success. Being the first band to come out of Norway with a huge international success, they set the standards of ambition for us at an early stage. They showed us that it was possible to come from a small country and still make it big worldwide.

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