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Morten Harket's interview.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2002
Dina Katsnelson / Hamburger Morgenpost /

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"What does a-ha mean to you?"

"A-ha still thrills me," Morten confesses. "On stage, the band tickles me into high level performances. I respect the material that we bring. It's alive - music, that doesn't burn up."

"Are you still yourself, when you travel the world with a-ha?"

"I am myself wherever I am, and I try not to disguise myself," Morten states. "I can tell right away whether people are talking to the celebrity or to me."

"Were you ever in a situation where fame became painful?"

"Constantly, actually! Because it's not normal. When I am on a plane or at a restaurant and am asked for an autograph, then it often brings more trouble for the other guests than for me."

"Who are your idols?"

Morten: "David Bowie, Queen, Jimi Hendrix. But fortunately, I have never met them."

"Do you think about getting older?"

Morten: "I've been thinking about it a lot, but not specifically on my fortieth birthday. I find it fascinating, to see how time is running. Time deceives you, time is not endless. But I treat it in a positive way. I don't live in time, but rather with it."

"Do you sometimes look back?"

Morten: "I live in the present, completely. But we are all able to remember how long the days were when we were still kids. They didn't come to an end. While now, the evening arrives before we have registered it. It has to do with stimuli. Children constantly experience new impressions. When you get older, your brain starts to play tricks on you. It puts impressions into drawers."

"Do you consider yourself a typical male?"

Morten: "Men think one-dimensionally. They're very focused, which makes them good at reaching their goals. Women think in three dimensions. To a man, one and one is two; to a woman, one and one is a family. That's why these two worlds collide so often. And I do have a dominant side, but nevertheless I can talk better to women; that was already the case when I was a teenager. So I suppose I have relatively much woman in me."

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