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A-HA concert in the Ice Palace (Ledovy), Saint Petersburg, 20th of March, 2001

Friday, April 6th, 2001
Julia Krisanova

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Pix I'm very glad I live in Saint Petersburg at the moment, as I was blessed to get to A-HA concert. I had been dreaming of it since my childhood, since that 1988, when I'd heard Morten's divine voice for the first time.

I don't think I'm an A-HA fan, I'm just an old admirer of their creativity. I always supposed that A-HA admirers were quiet, cultured people comprehending and having delicate perception of music.

At first I was depressed by feeling that I was alone in my love for the band (my friends could hardly support me in this matter). Nevertheless when I became older I understood, that the true admirers of A-HA were uncommon but very intersting as the personalities. And I'm proud of belonging to this category (though it would be immodestly to pretend to high rank of interesting person primary ;). I'm proud I adore three talanted and exclusive men.

I must confess I was very nervous before concert. Firstly, it was the very first time I met with the band. And secondly, perhaps it seems strange, I was strongly worried about reaction of audience gathered in Ice Palace. I was affraid that the musicians will have not a best impression of St. Petersburg. And, it's necessary to admit, some of my fears have been jastified. So, let's start from the very outset.

Pix The ticket was bought in advance, 1,5 month before concert, as soon as the first advertising has appeared on the radio. Waiting was not so much painful, as exciting and arousing the sweetest fantasies. And the desired day has come. The underground and Ledovy area were full of young people. The beginning seemed to be very nice. The concert has been delayed for some 20-25 minutes, that was absolutely normal for such actions. My place was in a sector just opposite the screens which unfortunately hadn't been working during the concert. One more unjustified fear was that the organizers would present some young musician, maybe person without talant, to warm up an audience before A-HA would come onto stage. That could change that special warm atmosphere. However, luckily, that didn't happen.

While waiting for artists I was looking with interest at people came to the concert. Most of them were young people in age of 20-35 years old. The tickets prices were different enough so distanced sectors and place in front of the stage were mainly filled up. As a matter of fact, the concert was held up by those stood in front of the stage. And they haven't disappointed me! ;)

What astonished me most of all and even drew away my attention from the stage was unstopped divagation of people. They have gone and returned again. I have no idea why, but many of them haven't come back at all. Honestly speaking, I felt myself uncomfortable. It seemed to me that the concert should be visited only by old fans of the band and recently joined people who discovered A-HA thanks to their album "Minor Earth, Major Sky". Later, having analyzed the situation, I've comprehended that only unnecessary people could leave the concert. I don't know for what they came to Ledovy. So, that fact was the most unpleasant impression that evening.

Pix But all those emotional experiences were nothing compared to A-HA music. Their performance was great. High-quality sound, musicians' harmonious playing, excellent and unique voice of Morten Compositions of past years sounded in a new fashion: they had more energy, positive aggression, and voices were still young, clear and perfect. Practically always auditorium actively joined in singing A-HA, whether there were songs from new album or old ones, and reacted rougly to what the musicians said. Though encore have been planned for sure, that didn't matter at all, quite the contrary the audience was excited so much and just exploded when the musicians came onto stage once again.

The last chords were the most precious for me, and I didn't want to go from A-HA in no way. But the time is inexorable I hope so much that one day I will find myself in a huge hall and will enjoy brand-new and old songs of my favourite band. And our small community of A-HA admirers will be strong as it is and tastes are unshakable.

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